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Blog Post With Status https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-status/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-status/#respond Tue, 02 Oct 2018 06:41:45 +0000 It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for ‘lorem ipsum’ will uncover many web sites still in their infancy. Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

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Blog Post With Image https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-image/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-image/#respond Mon, 14 Aug 2017 07:39:50 +0000 http://localhost/ciya-shop-sample-data/?p=18 I truly believe Augustine’s words are true and if you look at history you know it is true. There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize only a small percentage of their potential. We all know people who live this truth. we also know those epic stories, those modern-day legends surrounding the early failures of such supremely successful folks as Michael Jordan and Bill Gates. We can look a bit further back in time to Albert Einstein or even further back to Abraham Lincoln. what made each of these people so successful? motivation. we know this in our gut, but what can we do about it? how can we motivate ourselves? one of the most difficult aspects of achieving success is staying motivated over the long haul. motivation will almost always beat mere talent.

Motivation is not an accident or something that someone else can give you – you are the only one with the power to motivate you. motivation cannot be an external force, it must come from within as the natural product of your desire to achieve something and your belief that you are capable to succeed at your goal. positive pleasure-oriented goals are much more powerful motivators than negative fear-based ones. Although each is successful separately, the right combination of both is the most powerful motivational force known to humankind.

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Blog Post With Image Slider https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-image-slider/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-image-slider/#respond Wed, 09 Aug 2017 07:37:36 +0000 http://localhost/ciya-shop-sample-data/?p=15 Success isn’t really that difficult. there is a significant portion of the population here in North America, that actually want and need success to be hard! Why? so they then have a built-in excuse when things don’t go their way! pretty sad situation, to say the least. for those of you who are serious about having more, doing more, giving more and being more, success is achievable with some understanding of what to do, some discipline around planning and execution of those plans and belief that you can achieve your desires.

The first thing to remember about success is that it is a process -nothing more, nothing less. there is really no magic to it and it’s not reserved only for a select few people. as such, success really has nothing to do with luck, coincidence or fate. it really comes down to understanding the steps in the process and then executing on those steps One thing for certain though.

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Blog Post With Custom Quote https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-custom-quote/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-custom-quote/#respond Thu, 27 Jul 2017 07:35:38 +0000 http://localhost/ciya-shop-sample-data/?p=14 Making a decision to do something – this is the first step. we all know that nothing moves until someone makes a decision. the first action is always in making the decision to proceed. this is a fundamental step, which most people overlook. without clarity, you send a very garbled message out to the Universe. we know that the Law of Attraction says that we will attract what we focus on, so if we don’t have clarity, we will attract confusion. The sad thing is the majority of people have no clue about what they truly want. They have no clarity. When asked the question, responses will be superficial at best, will be what someone else wants for them. Trying to go through life without clarity is similar to sailing a rudder-less ship.

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Blog Post with Youtube Video https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-youtube-video/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-youtube-video/#respond Thu, 20 Jul 2017 07:34:31 +0000 http://localhost/ciya-shop-sample-data/?p=13 So, there you have it; the six steps that will help you to the fabled land of achievement and success! You now have the opportunity to push ahead and reach your potential. No more excuses – make the commitment to take action. Get the oars in the water and start rowing. Execution is the single biggest factor in achievement, so the faster and better your execution, the quicker you will get to the goals.

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Blog Post with Vimeo Video https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-vimeo-video/ https://wittesneakers.com/blog-post-with-vimeo-video/#respond Thu, 06 Jul 2017 07:32:09 +0000 http://localhost/ciya-shop-sample-data/?p=11 It is truly amazing the damage that we, as parents, can inflict on our children. So why do we do it? For the most part, we don’t do it intentionally or with malice. In the majority of cases, the cause is a well-meaning but unskilled or un-thinking parent, who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the message sticks – as simple as that!

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Kleding combinaties witte sneakers https://wittesneakers.com/kleding-combinaties-witte-sneakers/ https://wittesneakers.com/kleding-combinaties-witte-sneakers/#comments Sat, 30 Apr 2016 09:41:57 +0000 https://www.wittesneakers.com/?p=13092 Vrouwen houden vaak van kleren. Jurkjes, broeken, rokjes, shirtjes, jasjes enzovoort. Combineren doen we graag en daar horen natuurlijk ook een paar gave witte sneakers bij om mee te combineren.

Een leuke spijkerbroek, shirt met een vrolijke print en een paar witte sneakers eronder. Ideale outfit om lekker een dagje weg te gaan, om lekker te dansen of een festival te bezoeken.

Of wat denken jullie van een jurk of rokje met daaronder een paar witte sneakers? Maakt je look wat sportiever en geeft een frisse twist. Wanneer het s’avonds wat af zou koelen ook leuk te combineren met een spijkerjasje.

Verder is ook een maxi jurk of een korte spijkerbroek leuk te combineren met een witte sneaker.

Wat is jullie ideale witte sneaker combi?

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